If you can dream it...

you can do it! Big thanks to Mr. Walt Disney for sharing those words of wisdom. It took me way too long to listen, and I'm finding the truth in these words with each passing day.

Earlier this year, I became a published poet for the first time. What a fantastic feeling! t was a desire I had in middle school that did not come back to life until many years later.

Do you know what's even more exciting than having a poem published? Holding a poetry anthology with not one but five of your poems published in it!

That's what happened on my birthday. September 22, the same day as Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. Yessiree...I am part Hobbit! And proud to share the day with these fun-loving fellows.

Oops, I got lost in Hobbiton, anyways...on said day, I held this book in my hand, and it's a feeling I want for all of you who crave the same sensation.

I'm living proof that it can be done. If someone who has had more doubt than confidence can... Do you know who else can? YOU!

Don't let another day pass without writing, painting, taking pictures, dancing, playing Bingo, coloring, gardening, or whatever your heart begs you to do. You'll be a success to who matters; that inner being who wants you to allow them the freedom to try.

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