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Updated: Jun 23

When I was a young girl and excited about a time-consuming project, my mom couldn't understand and would say, "Why are you doing that? It doesn't matter."

It took me a long time to understand I was artistic, and the things I wanted to create were within reach and possible.

My mother said those things because she didn't feel any passion in her life to encourage me.

I spent countless years saying I didn't have a creative bone in my body and marveled over everyone who "made" or wrote things while I sat on the sidelines leading the cheers. I couldn't even help in the remodeling of my home because I didn't know how. What I liked didn't matter.

Later in life, I secretly started writing poetry again and taking photographs. Both things I learned to love in middle school. It was a...hobby. That was all I'd allow it to be. Then friends built me up with praise, and I slowly started to share my work with others, and then one day I took a leap and entered a photo into the county fair...and got accepted! Then I did it the following year and the next and soon submitted a photograph in an upscale gallery, never expecting the opportunity to be a part of something that elite. Guess what? Mine did get accepted, out of over five hundred entries, with only twenty-five picked. I felt like a fraud amongst all these incredible artists on opening day. When my piece sold in the first two hours, it was one of the most amazing days of my life. I cried so many happy tears. If you feel like an artist, you are an artist. So please follow the desire, because it's real, you have talent, and I would love to see it!

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