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Welcome to Forever Present Meditation. I'm trained in Primordial Sound Meditation and will guide you through each session with personalized attention and care. PSM is a technique developed by Deepak Chopra that helps you connect with your inner self and achieve peace and balance. Meditation is not just a practice but a way of life, and I am committed to helping you integrate this practice into your daily routine, so you can achieve a sense of calm and inner peace.

In recent years, I've been referred to as a cheerleader. I never imagined myself with pom poms, although I never turned away a physical challenge in the days of yesteryear, but that's not the kind of cheerleader I've evolved into. I'm called that because I love encouraging people on their journeys. Whether it's physical, emotional, or when reaching for their dreams.

In 2008 I received news I had an auto-immune illness. Five years later, I was incredibly anemic and could not walk a block without stopping to try and breathe. I also have asthma. I worked in the holistic care field for years, and I devour anything related to improving health, whether it's something I am going through or to educate myself because someday a family member or friend might be going through it.

In 2013, while getting blood infusions, Deepak Chopra started a 21-day meditation challenge. I was familiar with meditation, but I never did it with any consistency, but that afternoon, without an ounce of energy, I sat in my comfy chair and meditated. Ten years later, I have yet to miss a day and have been fortunate enough to train with Deepak to help you.

I could go on and on about how it's improved my physical and mental state and how much I've flourished as an artist and writer. I want to share these teachings with you, so you can one day say the same. I like to combine my teachings of Primordial Sound Mantra meditations with some of the practices of brain re-training because the combination worked wonders for me. Here at Forever Present Meditation, I like to hold a  positive space where we can set aside our troubles, control our chattering thoughts and feel empowered by good vibes and love.


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